Manufacturing technology of sand blasting glass

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Sand sculpture glass painting refers to the glass through sandblasting sculpture, changing the rough surface of glass, concave and convex, refractive conditions, the formation of various patterns of art. Sand carving technology is one of the main means of glass surface decoration, is also a new technology to create visual image of glass art, it is more in line with people's aesthetic interests and feelings. Sand carving glass technology takes glass as the carrier, which is not only a practical work but also a work of art. It is closely related to people's life, so it greatly broadens its use space.

Necessary conditions for making sand carving glass painting skills

(1)sandblasting equipment:

A: Air compressor (abbreviated as air compressor) air compressor provides enough compressed air for sandblasting jet, the general air pressure index is 0.7-1.0 MPA is appropriate, excessive pressure will break processing parts, insufficient gas and can not carve parts. The best gas storage capacity is 1.0M3/min. Because enough gas storage can freely express the carving object, the gas storage is too small to maintain the continuity of the sand carving parts.

B: sand blasting gun, usually used in the sand carving glass cylinder suction sand blasting gun. Because it can freely pull the trigger, point, line, surface at any time to launch and stop, the best choice can adjust the amount of sand blast gun to meet the needs of sand carving skills.

C: The working box is a protective device to prevent flying sand from overflowing during sand carving, including miniature working box, medium-sized working box and large sand blasting room. The size of the working box depends on the size of the enterprise. Generally, the size of the medium-sized workbox can be taken into account.

D: the spray pen is the tool used to color the sand carving glass picture.

(2)Main materials:

A: Glass (the main material of sand carving art is also the carrier of sand carving art). Most of the sand carving glass paintings are made of 4-15 thick white float glass. Such as green glass, tea glass and blue glass can also be purchased for special technological needs.

B: Diamond, air compressor high-speed air pressure through the gun spraying grinding glass sand particles, used for sand carving glass of silicon chloride carbide and brown corundum varieties, the latter has a cost-effective quality characteristics, the general use of 46 mesh - 100 mesh is more appropriate.

C: Sand control protective film, protective film is used to protect local glass without sand carving, protective film on the market (thick) yellow, (thin) white color, yellow for sand carving, white for color painting.

(3)Making process of sand carving glass painting

A: stick the protective film on the same area for the sand carving glass.

B: the designed pattern is printed on the protective film.

C: engrave designs with cutters or protective engraving knives.

D: the sand blasting part needs to be removed.

E: use sand blasting gun to remove some sand sculpture or layered sand sculpture.

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