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Sculpture sandblasting protective tape refers to the use of a special sandblasting emery to sculpture art glass protective tape. It is mainly used for sandblasting sculpture glass and other surface protection.

The quality requirements of sandblasting protection film can be classified into four points:

1) first, do not degum. When the protective film is removed after glass processing, no glue and traces can be left on the surface of the glass products to keep the products clean and beautiful.

2) strong toughness. It means that the mask can withstand the impact force of 6---8 kg, otherwise it will break the protective film and destroy the processed object.

3) with proper viscosity. The mask can be adhered to and firmly adhered to the protected vitreous body. It can also smoothly remove the protective film after the sandblasting process is finished, and it will not cause unnecessary trouble due to brittle fracture and tear.

4) can be used for computer engraving. Computer engraving and carving glass can save time and labor. It is a trend of high technology. This requires sandblasting protection film with a certain thickness on the back of the release paper, easy to separate.

The color and specifications of the sandblasting protective film can be customized according to the requirements of users. Commonly used colors are white, light yellow, red and black. Commonly used specifications are 45, 60, 90 cm wide, length in meters, thickness is: 0.08MM-0.50MM, according to the use requirements. Peel strength: 50 ~ 180g/cm; (can be customized according to the specific conditions of profiles).

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