Metallic Foil

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Metallic Foil is a kind of decorative film made by embossing, printing and compounding technology of environmental protection composite material. The product has metal texture, and can be used in different fields with different patterns and patterns.

Kitchen oil proof stickers:

It is mainly used in kitchen and room. Because of its color effect, sticking to the kitchen can prevent oil pollution from polluting the tiles and decorating the kitchen.


Environmental protection, waterproof and oil-proof, non-fading, non-warping edge, high temperature resistance, dirty can be scrubbed, uncovered can be directly pasted!

If you don't like it, you can tear it off at any time without leaving any offset and damage.

Can be pasted on any smooth surface such as: wall, tile, all kinds of wood, electrical furniture, lampblack machine and other places!

Usage method:

1, quantity is good, paste the size of the place and clean the place to be pasted.

2, cut the sticker according to the size of the first step (when the size of the cutting is larger than the size of the tailor 1-2CM).

3, paste up from the side, tear point stickers point, slowly down! Note: it must be posted right over there.

4. If there are bubbles in the middle, you can use a sharp tool to puncture a small hole in the bubble and then use a scraper to drive out the bubble.

5. After all the above work is done, the final trimming can be done, and the trimming is finished and the sticker is pasted.

Curtain rod cladding:

Aluminum foil coated curtain rod, so that the curtain rod style is diverse, strong texture category, can construct a variety of grain and three-dimensional style

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